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Principal’s message
Aarhus Katedralskole has much to offer: 800 wonderful young people and dedicated teachers and staff in a unique setting, right in the city centre. Teaching of the highest quality, both academically and paedagogically, is at the core here. The school has an inspiring and demanding study environment with support and challenges for everyone. 

At Katedralen there is always something happening outside school hours: musical events, sports, lectures, study circles, voluntary work etc. The school culture is inclusive and diverse. Commitment is highly appreciated, and the students have representatives in all decision-making committees and the chance to initiate new activities. 

The historical school buildings create a special atmosphere which influences everyone. A  number of new classrooms, group rooms and study areas have recently been inaugurated and all facilities have advanced IT-equipment. Aarhus Katedralskole is a modern school with historical hue.  

We seek to engage with the wider community, both locally and internationally. The location of the school, close to everything, enables us to participate in the city’s cultural life and to cooperate with institutions of further education and local businesses. 

International experiences are an important part of the programme we offer. The personal encounter with other ways to live and prioritize can give students increased understanding of their own identity and inspire fresh thinking. Therefore we have partner schools in Germany, Italy, Spain, USA, Malaysia and Singapore which we draw on both in the daily teaching and in connection with student exchanges. 

Welcome to Aarhus Katedralskole!
Lone Eibye Mikkelsen, Principal 




Type of school: 
     general upper secondary school - Gymnasium. 
Legal status: 
     state financed self-governing institution.
     Lone Eibye Mikkelsen
Caters for: 
     men and women aged 16-19 (non-boarding). 
Language of instruction: 
No. students: 
No. teachers: 
Academic year: 
     starts August 15 - ends July 1.